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Culturing Tools for Science
Bioprocessing-Cell culture
Cell Biology-Molecular Biology-Proteomic Products
CPR-First Aid-AED Certification

  • mAb and recombinant protein production using a hollow -fiber Bioreactor
    Large-scale Cell Culture
  • mAb production using a CELLine flask
    mAb Production
  • Maintaining cell lines
    Custom-made Cell Lines
  • Cell culture using hollow-fiber systems
    Recombinant Protein Production
  • Mycoplasma testing
    Mycoplasma Testing
  • Plating cells
  • Cryopreservation
    BioProcessing and Storage
  • Consulting
    Health & Safety Training
  • Sponsoring monthly journal clubs
    Lunch & Learn Seminars
  • Health & Safety Training /Certification
    CPR,First Aid, and AED Certification
  • Connecting with college students
  • Contingency Planning for Biotech Companies
    Disaster Prep in the Lab & Biorepository
  • Visual Protein's Hybrimore hybridoma growth factor
    Hybridoma Cloning Factor
  • Visual Protein's Luminol Pen
    Tools for Western Blotting
  • 5 min Protein Stain Kit
  • DNA isolation kit
    DNA Isolation Kits
  • Protein Purification kit
    Protein Purification
  • CNS Library
    CNS Library
  • Drug Library
    Approved Drug Library
  • Clinical Compound Library
    Clinical Compound Library
  • HTS Library
    HTS Library
  • Inhibitor Library
    Inhibitor Library
  • Kinanse Libray
    Kinase Library
  • Natural Compound Library
    Natural Compound Library
  • Stem Cell Library
    Stem Cell Libraries
mAb and recombinant protein production using a hollow -fiber Bioreactor
Large-scale Cell Culture

BioStorage Lab Services provides bioprocessing and cell culture services and cell biology-molecular biology-proteomic products. We offer affordable prices for academic, commercial, and government laboratories.  We also offer CPR-First Aid -AED classes and medical supplies. 

Looking for off-site biological storage and management contact BioStorage,LLC to request a quote.  Ask us about the new emergency freezer service plan for mitigating freezer failures and other emergencies. Having a plan in place is always the best way to protect your samples.

New histology services!! Visit our Services page

We are now the US distributor for Abbkine products (antibodies, proteins, assay kits).  Abbkine Cell Apoptosis Detection Kits are now available. Items are not in our webstore yet. Contact us to order:1-866-698-3897

The following items are sold through our eBay store: freezer racks, lab bottles/containers


Webstore: BioStorage Labs

Telephone: 866-698-3897

When placing your order please include the purchase order number, name of the institution, shipping and billing address, catalog number, product description, quantity and any other pertinent information. 

Federal agencies can now order through IntraMalls.

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